10 Best Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Everyone

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Google Chrome is the best browser known for its speed, security, and ease of use. That is why it has more than 2 billion users worldwide, making it the most popular browser in the world.

One of the great strengths of Google Chrome is its ability to integrate with other Google services. One of the many ways to expand your browser functionality is by using extensions.

These are small scripts installed on your browser to perform various tasks. Many extensions were created by Google itself.

However, most extensions are made by third parties worldwide for different purposes. They can add features to your browser and enhance your web filtering experience.

Extensions have been around since 2006, when Google Chrome was first released but became popular in recent years. With extensions in your browser, you can do more than just browse web pages.

Do More with Your Browser

Google Chrome has an in-app browser store, also known as the Chrome Web Store. Apps are called extensions because they extend the functionality of your Chrome browser. 

They make Chrome even better by adding new features or removing some on your shoulders.

For example, you may not want to bother saving passwords in browsers. Or you can design your own web page with one click while using the Internet. There is always a Chrome extension for your needs!

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10 Best Extensions for Google Chrome

There are many great Google Chrome extensions available that make your job easier and help you complete it faster. I also made a list of my top 10 Google Chrome extensions for people working online. Let’s get started!

INSSIST: Instagram Assistant

Ever wanted to post to Instagram on your laptop or PC? You may have tried using photography or other extensions to take instant Instagram photos to your desktop.

But what about uploading video covers, post editing?

INSSIST, an extension of Google Chrome, lets you do all those things and more.

“I found it frustrating to open an Instagram app every time I wanted to post something,”-@ungabeast.

INSSIST makes uploading photos, videos, news, and carousels to Instagram much easier.

When you upload a video, it will automatically take screenshots before uploading everything at once. You can also edit your posts and manage your IG profile.

Grammarly: Best Chrome Extension for Marketers & Freelancers

As a marketer, freelance writer, or entrepreneur, you are always dealing with written content. Either you write something or you find it written by someone else on your site or social media pages. However, your work is not finished after you have finished writing.

You should review your article to make sure it is flawless. The problem is that even if you are a good writer with a grammar, some of the mistakes may be overstated at times.

You may miss some articles or extensions. That’s where Grammarly comes from! I absolutely love it. Read my Grammarly review for digital advertisers here. And luckily, it has a Chrome extension too.

The Google Chrome Grammarly extension helps you compose a grammatically correct blog or social media post. Allows you to re-evaluate your content while typing. Here are a few things you can do with the Grammarly Chrome extension:

  • Set your tone and style
  • Find the right words to express yourself
  • Confirm while typing in Chrome
  • Improve the use of articles and extensions

And more. The Google Chrome extension should be for everyone who works online. That brings us to the next rival here on the board.

vidIQ: Top Chrome Extension for YouTubers

If you are a YouTube user like me, you will love this extension without a doubt. VidIQ is an all-in-one tool that helps you do YouTube SEO for your channel.
It also helps you discover new ideas for your next YouTube videos. Plus, its Chrome extension does a lot of things completely free.

Here’s what you can do with the Chrome extension vidIQ:

  • Know more details and metrics over YouTube Analytics
  • Find great videos with the trending tab.
  • View YouTube rates for any video, including your own.
  • Track keyword rating history to determine when a keyword is trending up and down with thunder over time.
  • Quickly see which videos do best on YouTube right now.
  • Find keyword suggestions you can use in your title, description, and tags

With all these factors, you can judge the probability of a video being infected. You can also analyze YouTube video streaming activity report cards in your browser. This way, you enjoy the details of how you can get more views with subscribers.

Keywords Everywhere: Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

Keyword Everywhere is a free Chrome plugin that assists in keyword research. However, you can always upgrade to the premium version for more functionality. I believe it is an effective extension of SEO and online marketers.

The extension helps you to know some important SEO metrics such as:

  • Keyword search volume
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Level difficulty for more than 15 websites like Google

Keywords Everywhere shows SEO metrics within a search engine. Without a doubt, it saves a lot of time. But wait, there is more. It also shows trending charts, related & long-tail keywords on Google.

Additionally, you can also see organic traffic limitations and top 5000 keywords for Google web pages. So, there is a lot you can expect from this excellent Chrome extension, especially if you are working online.

GMass: Powerful Chrome Extension for Gmail Marketers

If you are a Google Workspace user, you may want to stick to it. However, even if you are a Gmail fan like me, you will love GMass for maximizing your email messaging performance on the platform.

GMass (or Gmail Mass) allows users to write and send multiple emails using Gmail. A great tool because you can use it as a substitute for a third-party email forwarding platform.
GMass Chrome extension features:

The Gmail extension allows users to do the following:

  • Uses SMTP authentication
  • Supports HTML and Multipart MIME content type
  • Send email marketing campaigns to thousands of email addresses
  • Email meets data from Google Spreadsheets
  • Editing option for your multiple email campaigns

SimilarWeb: Traffic Rank & Website Analysis Extension

SimilarWeb is an online tool that helps you analyze competitively. By analyzing your competitors, you can find the most effective ways to make a profit and increase sales.

SimilarWeb provides you with important information about websites such as their rank, traffic, keywords, social media statistics, geolocation, and more.

Use the web app to get detailed information about your competitor’s websites. But if you’re like me and want a quick fix, download the Similarweb Chrome extension. With the extension, you can:

  • Find keywords in trends
  • Know new keywords
  • Earn profits from real traffic data
  • Review engagement metrics
  • Check out unique guest data
  • Analyze the category of your field
  • Use monthly data to date

Similarwebs’ Chrome extension is a must-have tool for SEO and online entrepreneurs, without a doubt. It helps you to know the position of the website, visitors over time, location, traffic sources, and more.

Notion Web Clipper: Chrome Extension for Geeks

It is a Chrome geek extension that lets you highlight and save what you see on the web. Over time, it becomes the basis for your personal knowledge.

Created by Notion, which is a unique way of Google Workspace that helps teams create better ideas and engage more effectively.

But I’m here to talk about its Chrome extension only. So, let me tell you a few of its amazing features now:

  • Save anything online with just one click
  • Use it on any device
  • Arrange your saved clips immediately
  • Tag, share and comment on clips

If you are an online user, you should be using the net to run your business. And there are times when you just don’t have time to read or analyze anything.

But it is important that you do so. This is where the Notion Web Clipper helps you.

ColorZilla: Top Chrome Extension for Picking Any Site’s Color

ColorZilla Chrome is a free color browser and palette that you can use on almost any web site. And you can do it from anywhere in your Chrome. Helps designers and developers work with similar colors

Choose colors on the page
Adjust HEX / RGB / HSV color values ​​on the page
Save selected colors on any site

And yes, you can use it again in Firefox and enjoy a set of the same feature. ColorZilla for Chrome is a really useful preview of selected colors for palette on a gradient or webpage. When multiple colors are used on a website, this tool makes finding it all easier.

You can also use it in retina mirrors if you wonder. So, get inspired on other sites. Combine different ideas. And rename your site the way you want. Now comes the top 9 Chrome extension that shows the fonts used on any website.


WhatFont: Best Chrome Extension for Knowing Any Site’s Fonts

Are you a web designer interested in fonts? Or maybe you are an independent website owner who wants to customize your website. You will love WhatFont, a Chrome extension that displays fonts for any website.

WhatFont is a Chrome extension that allows web designers to easily identify and compare different fonts on a page. When you first use it on any page, WhatFont will copy the selected page.

Use this page to find out which fonts are available and produce an image that shows all of these fonts in different sizes. Apart from obvious websites like Google or Amazon, you can also use it on sites where embedded fonts are used.

Wappalyzer: Know the Tech Behind Any Online Business

This extension appears as an icon showing what the CMS is used for on any website you visit. Gives you an overview of the tools and features used to create this website.

This app allows you to get all kinds of information about any website you visit. It can find various applications and frameworks used by this site, including Bootstrap, jQuery, and more.
Why is it useful? This is because you can understand the technology behind the site so you can apply the same to yours. Even if you are not a web developer, you may still be curious about the technology behind the site.

So that’s all! These are the 10 best Chrome extensions for everyone who works online. But wait, there is more. Check out some additional extensions for geeky Chrome users.

Other Top Google Chrome Extensions You Need to Use in 2022

Which of the Best Chrome Extensions Do You Like the Most?

The Internet is becoming more and more important in business. You need to know a lot of things related to your work on an ongoing basis. To get the most out of it, you need to know the best Chrome extensions for your job.

That excited me to put together my 10 favorites. However, everyone’s needs are different. If you are an Instagrammer employee, you may like INSIST. But if you are a YouTube person, you may like the Chrome extension vidIQ. Let me know which Chrome extension you like the most?


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