How to Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website

promote affiliate links

Today I will share with you a small and easy marketing strategy that will allow you to promote your relevant links to any website. So don’t worry about not having a website, because you don’t need it!

An affiliate link is actually a specific URL that contains the managed company ID or username. Advertisers use managed links in managed programs to record traffic posted on the advertiser’s website. This is part of the membership program.

Integrated marketing is a marketing process in which a partner company receives a commission to market products or services of another person or company. An agent simply asks for a particular product, then promotes the product, and then receives a share of the profits from each sale. Sales are tracked through links managed from one website to another.

Affiliate marketing works by differentiating the marketing and product creation requirements into a few different categories. It complements the skills of a few people to find a marketing strategy that works best while giving participants a share of the profits. Three different parties are involved in this process: The seller and the creator of the product, the holding company or advertiser, and the buyer.

Affiliate marketing is a quick and inexpensive way to make money without the hassle of selling a product. It is also useful for people who want to work online and increase their income. So how is an agent paid after contacting the seller and the buyer? The consumer does not have to purchase the product in order for his partner to receive a commission. The corporate contribution to the retailer’s sales is measured differently depending on the membership system. Agent is paid in several ways: Pay per auction, pay per click, and pay per lead.

promote affiliate links

If you check out aThemes, you will find that it is a company that publishes WordPress themes and sells WordPress themes, and so on.

I use this website to promote my affiliate link, so I posted my promo link on the “Get a Free eBook” website. If you click on it, it will open up my ClickBank compliance offer. In this way, I improve my interaction on this website by using a method called “Overlay Pages” or “Overlay Links”.

So the first thing I will do is find my collaboration link, which I will be using as an example. It is a related network like ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, or JVZoo. You can use any affiliate link of your choice, you can advertise your website with whatever you want.

So in my example, I would be promoting the Envato product from ThemeForest which is a WordPress theme or html template or website template. You can simply go to Google and search for example the top 10 WordPress themes. What I did first was get a website link where I could promote my contribution. The website I have used is aThemes, but you can use CodeMap with any website you want.

Once you have found your link just open it and you will now have a full blog post. I will therefore use this website to promote my links by copying the targeted website or title URL.

We have a few options, the best one is called Sniply or You can sign up for free and go to the dashboard to create new captions. After that, I will copy the URL of the targeted website, paste it in there and click on Create Snip. It will take you to the link creator.

It will then show you the website and where you can edit the URL. This is where you will place the membership link and click on the snip. You will find a link to download. When you open it, you will see my link here on this website. I thus raised my membership link.

promote affiliate links

Other Options That You Can Use:

Now if you go back to Sniply in prices, you will see that the price is very cheap at $ 29 per month for 5,000 clicks. This is somewhat expensive for beginners to start with. So I will show you now two more options that you can use again instead of this service.

Option 1:

If you go to this website and check out the prices, you will realize that it is only $ 8.99 for the cheapest unlimited clicks.

Option 2: CodeCanyon

If you go to now and search for a premium URL shortcut, you will receive a $ 33 script. dapibus leo.

I just bought it there, owned it and now I run my own business that provides this service. You can do the same! So it is entirely up to you. You can buy it at CodeCanyon, you can sign up for or Or you can search for alternatives that offer this option.

What I do first is log in to my account at You can go to overlay pages and create a new overlay. In my case, I would choose a popup link or product.

You can also create a survey or contact form. Say whatever you want, I’ll select “Special Offers” and write a custom message. For me, it will be “Get special discounts on themes”.

Then on the overlay label, I will write “Special Offer”. Next, you will need to enter the interaction link after which you can type the button text. When you’re done, just save the overlay. Now you need to go back to the dashboard and paste the link to the targeted website.

Then select a special offer in the custom overlay. You can even change the nickname, for example, and name it “wp-themes”. Click shortcut, then copy the link and paste it into your browser to open it. In my example, you will see a link to my “Special Offer”. Thus I improved my membership link.

promote affiliate links

So this way you can improve your relevant links to any website! You do not need to create a blog or do anything. You can just start advertising your links directly to any website you choose.

However, note this important tip. Whether you use or or use any other service, not all websites allow this process. It will tell you that this URL cannot use this redirect method because it does not allow this. So just find a website that allows this approach, shorten the link, and promote your relevant links.


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