How to Save WordPress Website Design in the File manager?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a platform for creating a free, open-source website. At the highest level of technology, WordPress is a PHP-based content management system (CMS) that uses the MySQL website. Speaking of non-geek, WordPress is the simplest and most powerful blog builder and website builder available today.

WordPress is an excellent website for a variety of websites. From blogging to online marketing to business and portfolio websites, WordPress is a multitasking CMS. Designed for usability and flexibility in mind, WordPress is a great solution for both large and small websites.

What is a wordpress website?

A WordPress website is any website that uses WordPress as its content management system (CMS). WordPress enables both the background of the website (the interface where the user enters to make changes or add new content) and the frontend (the visible part of the website that your visitors see on the web).

Here are a few examples of types of websites you can build with WordPress:

Blog – A blog is a special kind of website dedicated to sharing ideas, photos, reviews, tutorials, recipes and much more. Blogs usually feature newly published content.

E-commerce Website – An e-commerce website allows you to sell goods or services online and collect payments through an online payment system. You can download and install the WordPress e-commerce plugin to extend the default functionality of WordPress to have an online store on your website.

Business Website – Many businesses will benefit from having an online presence in the form of their website.. If your business needs a website for customers to learn about your company and what to offer, WordPress is a great option. Customers can contact you, request a discount, arrange an appointment and much more.

Membership Website – The membership website allows you to place content behina d paywall or account login. To access pages or posts, users must sign in or pay for content. WordPress can also manage membership websites with additional plugins.

Portfolio Website – Showcase your artwork, design skills, and more with a portfolio website built into WordPress.

Forum website – The forum website can be a useful place for users to ask questions or share tips. Believe it or not, most forum websites work on WordPress.

Event Website – Hosting the event? WordPress makes it easy for you to share your event details and sell tickets.

E-learning website – Students can take online courses, track their progress, download resource,s and much more from the e-learning website. With a special type of plugin called the WordPress LMS plugin, you can offer online tutorials from the WordPress website.

Wedding Website – Share details of your big day with a wedding website built into WordPress. With many WordPress wedding themes, you can find a website quickly and easily.

How to save WordPress website design even for years?

Now after some introduction, we come to our original question. To save our design we can either have a backup in our hosting service or export the design in the file manager. For the long term, I prefer the second option. For this we have perform following steps:-

 STEP 1: We need to download  All-in-One WP Migration plugin

save wordpress website design

Step 2: Then we need to activate the plugin. It will now appear on the main menu.

save wordpress website design

Step 3: Now click it and choose the option export.

Step 4: Again click on the Export and choose File manager

save wordpress website design

Step 5: Now click the download option and don’t close the window until the download is complete.

Now your download is complete and you can save wordpress website design anytime and in any domain. For futher queries or any error you can contact us.


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